heat-treated soyben meal

Soybean meal is a byproduct of soybean oil extraction. It is a concentrated source of protein and energy for animals of all ages due to its excellent amino acid composition and high level of digestibility. However, there are anti-nutritional factors that affect its protein quality and limit the bioavailability of other nutrients.

The heat-treatment of soybean meal can be sufficient in completely inactivating anti-nutritional factors like trypsin inhibitors and urease that soybean meals contain. It can result in more efficient utilisation of dietary protein.


5kg and 10kg

Typical Nutritional Analysis

Dry Mater 90% Min.

Crude Protein Min. 46-49 %

Fibre 4.0% Max.

Fat 1.3% Min.

NDF (Neutral Detergent Fibre) 11.40%

ADF (Acid Detergent Fibre) 6.10%

Metabolic Energy 12MJ/KG/DM


Recommended Max. Inclusion Rates in Total Diet

Pigs 10% - 20% (Weaner – Breeder)

Poultry - Broiler 15%

Poultry - Layer 15%

Cattle – 20%

Horse – 15%

The packing can be available in poly bag and carton for 5kg or 10kg, and water-proof paper bag for 25kg.