W-Booster is a natural weight booster of animals that is developed with saccharides of selected plants.

It is an entirety of carbohydrates that are produced by a systematic study of glycan structures. Glycans provide dynamic structural diversity, performing numerous roles in living organisms, to proteins and lipids. Günter Blobel, the 1999 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine, found sequences at the end of each protein that direct the proteins to specific locations.

W-Booster contributes to gaining additional weight by helping cell growth and enhancing the enzyme's function in the cell. And also, it helps improve the immunity system of animals.


500ml per bottle


25 days feeding
32 days feeding
35 days feeding
41 days feeding

The increase rate could be varied by feeding environment.

      Feeding Guideline

  1. Take 1% (0.5ml to 1.5ml for chicken) of W-Booster to your daily feed
  2. Dilute the W-Booster with water by 1(W-Booster): 100(water) ratio
  3. Feed your chicken the diluted W-Booster (or blended with your feed)

Recommended Storage

Keep dry place above 10 degree

$22.00 (including gst) per 500ml of the bottle plus delivery cost

The price may be better by valuable quantity.